Sunday, 4 September 2011


Jennifer Verschoor said...
Dear All,

Can you choose the different subjects you want to take?

Do they give you a badge?

Where do you have lunch?

In my case, I follow Caroline(my sister) around the school and go to her classes, but she can decide which subjects she wants to take and to change the hour she goes to it.
They didn't give me a budge.
We generally have lunch out of school, but I think there's a cafeteria or something like that where you can have lunch.

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  1. In my case, I do the exact same things, we should follow our "sister" in every subject she takes. We are only allow to take another subject if our sister takes for example a class where we learn the different parts of a car and how to repair it. My sister is in the orchestra class, one day i got really bored cause i dont play any instrument that was in there (they were playing violins and chelos) so I went to the library with the principal`s permission.
    They do not give any badge.
    We use to take food from the house, as my family only eats organic food we take this strange food that no one knows, but believe it or not it tastes really good. Sometimes we get in the car and go somewhere to eat, last friday for example we went to eat to Five Guys, great hamburgers by the way.